Biofuel and land use

In “Squaring biofuels with food”, a forum discussion published in the latest edition of Issues in Science and Technology, leading biofuel researchers discuss the complex and controversial issue of the land use change associated with increased biofuel production. The forum is in response to an earlier article by Keith Kline and colleagues published in the same journal.

The contributors to the forum focus on the need to develop a strategic, long-term and global perspective that takes into account increased biofuel production as part of a wider picture.  They suggest that a balanced review of existing literature contradicts recent claims that biofuel-associated changes in land use would result in rising food prices, deforestation, biodiversity loss and the release of terrestrial carbon as CO2.

In an open letter to the forum, the Global Sustainable Bioenergy Project outline their objectives in addressing the challenge faced; producing food and biofuels in sufficient amounts, whilst meeting social and environmental needs. They, along with the other forum contributors, highlight the social importance of advancing current methodology, technology and  modelling techniques used in biofuel production.

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