11th ICMAOI Conference – Proceedings

Proceedings from the 11th ICMAOI Conference have been published as a supplement in the IAC journal. The published abstracts show the vast range of subjects covered during the ICMAOI Conference and the high quality of presentations.

The next Conference will be held in the Spring of 2010 on the NIH Campus, Bethesda, Maryland, USA. Information regarding the upcoming Conference can be found at  https://oham.cancer.gov/oham_research/programs/ICMAOI/ 
where also previous Conferences programs and abstract books are available.

At the Office of HIV and AIDS Malignancies (OHAM) website additional  information is available on Conferences activities as well as Research Grant Opportunities and International activities (for example the India Conference shown below).International Conference in India
The OHAM is a very active NCI office, directed by Dr Robert Yarchoan since December 2007.

A special thank also to the Program Director Dr Geraldina  Dominguez.


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