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Merry Christmas from Bugbitten


BugBitten is pleased to report an optimistic message about malaria control this Christmas! In the foreword to the annual WHO World Malaria Report, published in December, the Director- General Dr. Margaret Chan announced a 47% drop in malaria mortality world wide and a 58% drop in the WHO Africa Region. In addition, there was a decrease in… Read more »


Happy Birthday, Chikungunya (in the Americas)!


Almost a year ago today, an alarming report was published by the French Institute for Public Health Surveillance  (InVS) describing a novel mosquito-borne disease on the Caribbean island of St. Martin. A patient, who started having symptoms of fever, joint pain and fatigue, was diagnosed with chikungunya virus infection. This started the first documented outbreak… Read more »

Biology Medicine

An exit strategy for Toxoplasma


Unicellular parasites that reside and multiply inside the cells of their hosts must be adapted to penetrate the host cell without killing it and then to escape once they have multiplied or completed the necessary development. The method and timing of this exit from a host cell are crucial aspects of the life history strategy… Read more »