Merry Christmas from Bugbitten

BugBitten is pleased to report an optimistic message about malaria control this Christmas! In the foreword to the annual WHO World Malaria Report, published in December, the Director- General Dr. Margaret Chan announced a 47% drop in malaria mortality world wide and a 58% drop in the WHO Africa Region. In addition, there was a decrease in malaria prevalence across Africa.

This success is attributed to 3 main interventions; the distribution of insecticide treated bednets, the provision of more diagnostic tests and the use of artemisinin-based combined therapies. This is very good news, however it is accompanied by a warning not to be complacent, as the threat posed by the continued development of drug resistance and insecticide resistance remains. Dr. Chan finishes with a plea to remain focussed on the goal of malaria elimination.

The WHO experiment with alternative vector control measures
The WHO experiment with alternative vector control measures
Philip Dyer

From all of us at Bugbitten, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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