Image highlights from BMC Developmental Biology

2015 has been a great year for BMC Developmental Biology, and what better way to celebrate than with some beautiful images? Highlighted here are twelve of the most interesting images from articles published in BMC Developmental Biology this year. We hope that you enjoy them and we look forward to many more great articles and images in 2016!



pH flux in a Drosophila egg chamber

Julia Krüger and Johannes Bohrmann. Bioelectric patterning during oogenesis: stage-specific distribution of membrane potentials, intracellular pH and ion-transport mechanisms in Drosophila ovarian follicles.


Collagen IV, laminin and fibronectin expression in human fetal female gonads

A Marijne Heeren, Liesbeth van Iperen, Daniëlle B Klootwijk, Ana de Melo Bernardo, Matthias S Roost, Maria M Gomes Fernandes, Leonie A Louwe, Carina G Hilders, Frans M Helmerhorst, Lucette A J van der Westerlaken and Susana M Chuva de Sousa Lopes. Development of the follicular basement membrane during human gametogenesis and early folliculogenesis



Smed-6G10 and -2G3 labelled muscle fibers

Kelly G Ross, Kerilyn C Omuro, Matthew R Taylor, Roma K Munday, Amy Hubert, Ryan S King and Ricardo M Zayas. Novel monoclonal antibodies to study tissue regeneration in planarians.


Carmine stained Murine mammary glands.

Duvini De Silva, Kamini Kunasegaran, Sujoy Ghosh and Alexandra M Pietersen. Transcriptome analysis of the hormone-sensing cells in mammary epithelial reveals dynamic changes in early pregnancy.



BrdU and Coracle staining in anterior germarium

Alessandro Bonfini, Marian B Wilkin and Martin Baron. Reversible regulation of stem cell niche size associated with dietary control of Notch signalling.



Cultured Murine embryonic lung

Vengamanaidu Modepalli, Lyn A Hinds, Julie A Sharp, Christophe Lefevre and Kevin R Nicholas. Role of marsupial tammar wallaby milk in lung maturation of pouch young.


Butterfly wing scale structure

Yoshikazu Ohno and Joji M Otaki. Spontaneous long-range calcium waves in developing butterfly wings.


Radial nerve cord of the Sea Cucumber

Vladimir S Mashanov, Olga R Zueva and José E García-Arrarás. Myc regulates programmed cell death and radial glia dedifferentiation after neural injury in an echinoderm.


Mouse cranial skull defects

Mara Marongiu, Loredana Marcia, Emanuele Pelosi, Mario Lovicu, Manila Deiana, Yonqing Zhang, Alessandro Puddu, Angela Loi, Manuela Uda, Antonino Forabosco, David Schlessinger and Laura Crisponi. FOXL2 modulates cartilage, skeletal development and IGF1-dependent growth in mice.


Chick embryonic skull serial slices

Zien Zhou, Zengai Chen, Jiehui Shan, Weiwei Ma, Lei Li, Jinyan Zu and Jianrong Xu. Monitoring brain development of chick embryos in vovo using 3.0T MRI: subdivision volume change and preliminary structural quantification using DTI.


Keratin whorl in a mouse teratoma

Constantinos Economou, Anestis Tsakiridis, Filip J. Wymeersch, Sabrina Gordon-Keylock, Robert E Dewhurst, Dawn Fisher, Alexander Medvinsky, Andrew JH Smith and Valerie Wilson. Intrinsic factors and the embryonic environment influence the formation of extragonadal teratomas during gestation.


Embryonic mouse heart

Ondrej Machon, Jan Masek, Olga Machonova, Stefan Krauss and Zbynek Kozmik. Meis2 is essential for cranial and cardiac neural crest development.

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