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Reflections from BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology

Birthday cake

BMC Pharmacology and Toxicology is now two years old and we have come a long way since the merger of the journal’s predecessors BMC Clinical Pharmacology and BMC Pharmacology in August 2012 and as Executive Editor for the journal, I’m very pleased to see the progress we have made. Since becoming part of the BMC series we have continued to… Read more »


Behind the image: Ant being attacked by a fly


In this Q&A we discover how mere curiosity, and a spur of the moment shot, led to the first scientific study of a never before seen species interaction. Bernardo Segura is this year’s BMC Ecology image competition Behaviour category winner. Near to completing a Masters in wildlife conservation in Chile, he has a head crammed… Read more »


Are butterflies still fluttering in Fukushima?

Two males of pale grass blue butterfly

In this guest blog, Joji M. Otaki discusses the impact feasting on radioactively contaminated leaves has on the surrounding blue butterfly population.   The collapse of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant in March 2011 is the second largest nuclear accident, next to Chernobyl, in the history of mankind. Many theoreticians and politicians have claimed,… Read more »


BMC Geriatrics at the 10th International Congress of the European Union Geriatric Medicine Society (EUGMS).

BMC Geriatrics is pleased to announce its presence at the 10th Congress of the EUGMS in Rotterdam this week (17th-19th September). With the theme “Geriatric Medicine Crossing Borders”, this meeting will focus on the interplay between clinical research and everyday practice, with special attention to topics such as dementia, frailty, end-of-life care, nutrition, education, mobility… Read more »


Patterning of the urinary collecting duct tree

BMP7 beads

Glandular organs, such as the liver, pancreas and kidney, contain systems of branched epithelial tubes that resemble trees. The development of these tree structures has been the subject of much previous research and is known to be regulated by factors including signalling molecules and extracellular matrix molecules. In the kidney the urinary collecting duct tree… Read more »


Behind the image: a tender moment


Parental care is at the heart of this wonderful portrait of an adult black-browed albatross feeding its chick, photographed by Italian born researcher Letizia Campioni, a biologist specializing in the migratory ecology in birds. Spending many hours in the field, Letizia had the chance to combine her love for photography with her research, using her skill as a means… Read more »


BMC Pulmonary Medicine at European Respiratory Society conference 2014

munich cc, by John-Morgan on Flickr CC

BMC Pulmonary Medicine is really excited to be attending again the  European Respiratory Society (ERS) annual congress, held in Munich, from 6-10 September 2014. The ERS congress is the largest annual scientific gathering in respiratory medicine worldwide and the primary forum in Europe for presenting research and exchanging knowledge. The Executive Editor Catia Cornacchia is… Read more »