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Canine infectious cancer has spread to all corners of the world


Research published today in BMC Veterinary Research could assist veterinarians and policy-makers in the future. In this guest post, Andrea Strakova describes the history and distribution of canine cancer, an infectious disease that not only infects ‘man’s best friend’ but threatens the existence of the Tasmanian devil. In ‘Fighting a contagious cancer’, fellow researcher, Elizabeth Murchison,… Read more »


Highlights of the BMC-series: August 2014

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Eating Disorders and Breastfeeding• Infection in Fitz-Hugh-Curtis Syndrome • Mind control in zombie ants • Climate change and dengue fever risk in Europe •Contaminated feed spreading a virus through US pigs •Dietary acid load and risk of chronic kidney disease • Bovine TB trace back surveillance   Pregnancy and childcare: Eating Disorders and Breastfeeding Perinatal… Read more »

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