Automated Function Prediction: selected proceedings from the ISMB 2011 special interest group

BMC Bioinformatics has published proceedings from the Automated Function Prediction Meeting 2011 featuring the CAFA Challenge: Critical Assessment of Function Annotations.

Vienna, Austria. 15-16 July 2011.
Edited by Iddo Friedberg and Predrag Radivojac

Fig 6 Erdin et al BMC Bioinformatics 2013 14(Suppl 3) S6

The Critical Annotation of protein Function Prediction (CAFA) is a new community-wide experiment to assess the performance of protein function prediction methods. Thirty research groups participated in the first CAFA meeting , presenting a total of 54 methods. The results are published in an article in Nature Methods co-authored by all the attending groups.

The supplement is free to access, and is a companion to the Nature Methods article. The 15 articles describe some of the participating methods in depth.

CAFA is organized by Predrag Radivojac from Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana USA; Sean Mooney of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, California, USA; and by Iddo Friedberg of Miami University, Ohio USA.

The Automated Function Prediction meeting at ISMB 2011 was supported by a US National Institutes of Health grant R13 HG006079-01A1 awarded to PR and a US Department of Energy, Office of Science grant DE-SC0006807TDD awarded to IF.

The meeting organizers gratefully acknowledge the ongoing support of the International Society for Computational Biology to the Automated Function Prediction Special Interest Group.

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