Bionanotechnology in BMC Biochemistry

As a dynamic open access biochemistry journal, BMC Biochemistry strives to keep abreast of the latest advances in the field. In recent years bionanotechnology and biosensors have emerged as a booming area of biochemistry research. A particular focus of the community has been the use of nanoparticles and nanostructures to build novel molecular systems and devices.

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Several groups from around the world are now focusing primarily on research into bionanotechnology or biosensors and here at BMC Biochemistry we very much encourage submissions in this exciting and growing area of research. Submissions in this area would fit into the Protein and Enzyme section of the journal and, in order to better reflect the developments in the field, we have made the decision, in conjunction with Section Editor John Honek, to update the scope of the journal to specifically encourage submissions focusing on these applications.



John highlights the key reasons for this change below:


“In addition to keeping readers informed about many areas of biochemistry, such as membranes, nucleic acids and proteins, the exquisite control that scientists and engineers now have on molecular structure compels BMC Biochemistry to expand the scope of its Protein and Enzyme section to include several new topics such as the applications of these areas to research focusing on bionanotechnology and biosensor development. The expanded scope should provide our readers with leading-edge information on new aspects of biochemical research as applied to real world problems and next generation biomaterials, but still maintaining the high level quality of research manuscripts on the fundamentals of these biosystems. The journal looks forward to receiving manuscripts that address these important areas.”


In light of this I am pleased to present the new scope of the Protein and Enzyme section of BMC Biochemistry.


This section incorporates all aspects of protein and enzyme biochemistry including but not limited to: protein chemistry and proteomics, protein folding and enzyme activity. Applications of these areas, such as in bionanotechnology and biosensors are also welcome.


If you have any comments on this update to the journal, or would like to submit a manuscript in this area, please do contact me at


We look forward to hearing from you!



Emilie Aimé
Executive Editor, BMC Biochemistry


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