Critical Ultrasound Journal becomes The Ultrasound Journal

We are excited to announce a name change for the official journal of WINFOCUS (World Interactive Network Focused on Critical UltraSound), a world-leader in advancing the use of Point-of-Care Ultrasound to improve the health of all patients across the globe.  The name will be changed from the Critical Ultrasound Journal to The Ultrasound Journal to reflect the expanding scope of ultrasound in medicine and the inclusive nature of WINFOCUS and the journal.

While ultrasound is a “critical” component of health care decisions and practice, having “critical” in the name of the journal has led to some confusion as to the content of the journal, especially for those interested in non-critical care use of ultrasound and potential authors. In addition, the level of interest in ultrasound has greatly expanded among practitioners of all specialties and sub-specialties and levels of care. This has been accompanied by a corresponding explosion of interest in ultrasound education and research.

In order to better serve the ultrasound community, our readers, our authors, and ultimately our patients, we decided that the time was right for a name change. It is our hope that The Ultrasound Journal will not only continue the high level of scholarly publication of the Critical Ultrasound Journal but also provide an expanded view of ultrasound scholarly activity, offer opportunities for more authors to publish their important work, and better convey our goal of disseminating important advances across the spectrum of ultrasound.

We hope you will join us on this incredible journey as we move forward in using ultrasound to enhance our ability to provide better care to patients, provide exceptional learning experiences for all healthcare trainees, and create a world with greater access to quality healthcare for all.

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