Open Repository attends the RSP Conference and Software Exhibition

RSP ConferenceI was very pleased to attend the Repositories and CRIS: working smartly together event that was held at the University of Nottingham last month.  The event  looked at the interaction of repositories and CRIS systems (Current Research Information Systems). 

It was a well attended and interactive event with some great presentations on the current status of repositories and CRIS solutions working together in the UK.  It also covered ‘home grown’ CRIS systems and the CERIF and CERIF4REF standards.  There were many different views within the room but the whole consensus was that we need to look at these integrations in readiness for the REF.

Open Repository has helped its clients through the RAE and will be offering a robust solution for institutes that will be taking part in the REF. If you would like any further information regarding our service and how we plan to help institutes comply with the REF, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Claire Bundy,
Open Repository Specialist

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