Enhanced Repository Statistics


Usage statistics have been a major topic of discussion for institutional repositories for some time. And last year, a survey of DSpace repository administrators put enhanced statistics as their most desired feature for the next release of DSpace.

Google Analytics provides a great interface and many advanced features for seeing the overall activity for the repository, and as such, we have offered a Google Analytics account alongside the repository – enhanced to record file downloads that would otherwise be missed. However, it’s not always easy to see how this relates to an individual item or file, or it’s relevance in the context of a collection or community.

Now, with the release of an API for Google Analytics, we are able to  provide enhanced reporting within the repository. At every level – Items, Collections, Communities and the repository as a whole – we can show how your content is being used, the items and files that are attracting attention, and the reach the repository is having.

Read more about the enhanced statistics now available as part of the Open Repository service  

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