Beyond the Genome – a BioMed Central conference

Today BioMed Central announces the launch of Beyond the Genome: The true gene count, human evolution and disease genomics’, an international conference which brings together leading researchers and industry representatives from around the globe.

The conference, organised by BioMed Central, marks Genome Biology’s 10th anniversary and the recent launch of its sister journal Genome Medicine.

At the conference, internationally renowned researchers will deliver cutting edge presentations in key areas of post-genomic research in biology and medicine and future developments, including the Human Microbiome Project and the resequencing of matched tumour and normal genomes from specific types of cancers.

The event is taking place between 11-13 October 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts. The organising committee includes Elaine Mardis from the Washington University School of Medicine and Steven Salzberg of the University of Maryland.

All participants are invited to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations. A significant number of talks will be selected from registrants.

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