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Recently we have noticed more and more researchers using Twitter as an informal channel to share thoughts on the latest open access research published in our journals. We’re always keen to facilitate such discussions, and with that in mind we have recently added ‘Post to Twitter’ as a convenient option in the right hand toolbar of each BioMed Central journal article.

Twitter screenshot 


We’ve also in the early stages of using Twittter ourselves – you can follow us as BioMedCentral:

BioMed Central Twitter channel screenshot

So far, our Twitter feed includes blog posts and hot article notifications, along with various short updates and links relating to BioMed Central and open access publishing. Any other suggestions? Let us know!

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cecily g

Matthew, Using Twitter may raise awareness of BMC articles and blog items; however at my workplace Twitter (and some other social sites) are blocked, so we’ll still rely on email notification. Sad but true.

Shicheng Guo

Dear Sam Rose, What about the diagnostic role of the methylation status of SHOX2 and APC?

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