Canadian TV provides excellent coverage of open access research on superbug afflicting soliders in Afghanistan

It’s always nice to see research from BioMed Central journals covered in the mainstream media, and  Soldiers bringing superbug back from Kandahar from Canadian broadcaster CTV is an excellent example, featuring research recently published by Dr Homer Tsien and colleages in BMC Infectious Diseases.

It is currently the top story on the CTV website, and the story includes a video of the newscast concerned, along with a more in-depth interview with Dr Tsien.

Perhaps most impressively, CTV have done a great job of providing a route for readers to find out more by linking directly to the open access research article concerned. It’s surprisingly rare that news outlets provide such links, but kudos to the CTV team for doing so. BioMed Central is working with other news organizations to encourage them to do the same.

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