BioMed Central YouTube channel debuts


We’re pleased to announce the launch of our new BioMed Central YouTube channel,
which brings together videos of our authors and
editors talking
about their work, BioMed Central’s journals, and the benefits
of open access publishing

 BioMed Central YouTube channel

Video is an increasingly important way for researchers to
communicate their results, and BioMed Central is at the forefront of
developments in this area. We encourage authors and editors to upload suitable
videos to YouTube and contact us
so that
we can add these videos to the BioMed Central channel. If you want to know when
we post new videos, just click the ‘Subscribe’ link on the channel
home page.

In addition to our YouTube channel, we are working with SciVee to ensure the visibility and linking of
PubCasts featuring BioMed Central articles. For example, SciVee currently features a pubcast by Apostol Gramada 
in which he describes the research he published in BMC Bioinformatics.

BioMed Central also offers perhaps the best and most fully
integrated support for video content within research articles of any scientific publisher.
Thumbnails are displayed for any video files associated with an article, and these
videos can be played back within the context of the article.

Examples of the diverse recent BioMed Central articles making
use of this support for embedded video include:

We encourage and support authors who wish to publish video-enhanced
articles, and to this end we have recently doubled the maximum file
size for additional material files to 20 megabytes (using modern video
standard such as MP4, this  is sufficient for several minutes of high
quality video).

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matthew cockerill

On a related note – if you have an idea for a film that could be made about your research area, the Wellcome Trust is offering funding and training to help. If you make a film relating to open access, who knows, perhaps the Wellcome Trust will even allow it to be shared under a Creative Commons license.

From the announcement on the Wellcome Trust website:
” Have you got a great idea for a documentary exploring or inspired by biomedical science? This is your opportunity to make your film while learning from the UK’s foremost broadcast professionals and biomedical scientists, with the Documentary Filmmakers Group and Wellcome Trust’s new initiative: Science on Film.
The deadline for applications to participate in Science on Film is Monday 10 December 2007. For more information and application forms contact:
Tel: +44 (0)20 7249 6600

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