It's like releasing breakfast


On Wednesday, I was hoping that we’d have the 1.4.1 release in a stable environment by today.  We’ve run over slightly.  We have the document conversion tool back up and running and there are only the remaining two interface changes to make to the submission form which are being worked on as I type.  Graham is handling that one and in the meantime Peter is transferring all the customized JSPs that are currently serving the live repositories into the new 1.4.1 environment ready to attach to the new code base for release.

I was talking with someone I met on the clipper to Greenwich on Friday evening about my work and described what we’re doing now as being akin to cooking a good fry up. You have multiple components that all require different preparation and cooking times but the secret is making sure that everything hits the plate together. No leaving the scrambled eggs to get soggy or the bacon to burn.

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Bobbie Jeal

Have only just read this and am sorry to learn of Dr Bui’s passing. I worked with him at UN CICRED in Paris from 1974 to 1984 and greatly appreciated his kindness.

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