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The Future, High-Tech Impacts of Ultrasound in Health Care


Ultrasound technology is a vital part of health care. It is utilized for a variety of diagnostic purposes, but until recently, all an ultrasound could be used for was viewing the inside of the human body. New advances in this technology have shown great promise in internal medicine applications. Where can ultrasound be applied in internal medicine, and what implications does it have for the future of ultrasound technology?

Health Medicine

Natural language processing highlights treatment opportunities for rare diseases


With limited research funding and treatment options available, the paradoxically abundant rare diseases are a huge issue for people throughout the word. A study published today in the Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases asks what we can learn from the 4% of rare diseases that do have treatment, using computational methods to analyze patterns and identify potential treatment opportunities.


Women with opioid addiction who use cannabis will do poorly in methadone treatment


Opioid addiction is a serious and rapidly increasing issue around the world and people undergoing methadone treatment for opioid addiction are using cannabis at a much higher rate than the general population. In light of Canada’s recent move towards the legalization of cannabis, authors of a new study published in Biology of Sex Differences, that investigated the association between cannabis use and methadone treatment outcome, discuss their findings and the implications.