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Threaded Publications: one step closer

Threaded Publications

“It is difficult to make informed decisions if publication bias and selective reporting are present” World Health Organization For years, researchers have drawn attention to this, highlighting discrepancies between protocols submitted to research ethics committees and those reported in the results papers, issues concerning statistical power, and the difficulty in identifying unpublished studies. Indeed, it… Read more »

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Falling head over heels…into A&E


  One of my friends recently spent her birthday in hospital and the following week in a wheelchair. Nope, she wasn’t drunk  – she had yet to touch a drop. She was wearing some killer heels, and fell down a flight of stairs… The long-term impacts of high heels have been well documented. Frequent high… Read more »


Sharing a global perspective on medical cases in allergy

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One thing that has become clear over recent decades as we share more and more research globally and increase international collaborations is that people in different parts of the world see things differently. There is much to be learned from harnessing these different perspectives, and continuing to share knowledge and experience globally can go a… Read more »


Rescuing drugs with nanotechnology

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  Drugs fail a lot. With fewer than 1 in 10 drugs that reach clinical trials successfully entering the market, enormous amounts of time, money and effort are wasted. From development to post market surveillance, the most common reason for drug discontinuation is cardiac toxicity. Drugs can interfere with special potassium channels that are essential… Read more »


'Lewy body dementia' – special series call for submissions


Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy is now accepting research submissions for consideration in a special series on Lewy body dementia, planned for publication in mid-2014. The publication of these articles will be co-ordinated with a series of commissioned reviews and opinions, guest edited by co-Series Editors Prof Ian McKeith (Newcastle University, UK) and Prof James Galvin… Read more »