BMC Medicine turns 10!

A decade ago on the 24th November 2003, BMC Medicine, the flagship open access general medical journal of the BMC-Series, published its very first article. Since then we’ve published over 900 articles, established an impact factor of 6.68, and are now ranked seventh out of 151 medical  journals (general and internal). We’ve seen many achievements over the last 10 years, and so to mark our anniversary we have a week of highlights coming up.


Next week, we’ll be looking back over the past decade, identifying our most successful articles in terms of most citations, most accessed, and those with highest Altmetric scores, as well as taking a look at author demographics and how we can expect this to develop in the future. We’ll also be hearing from some of our authors and reviewers who have helped contribute to the journal along the way.


We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to all of the authors, reviewers, Editorial Board Members, and advisors as well as anyone who has read, cited, blogged or tweeted our articles and have helped to shape the journal into what it is today. We are very much looking forward to what the next decade will bring.


Keep an eye out for our blogs next week and you can join in with the action on twitter @BMCMedicine using #BMCMed10 




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