Basic and Clinical Andrology – the transformation of a journal to expand its reach

Launching today with BioMed Central is Basic and Clinical Andrology, a continuation of the French journal Andrologie, which was previously published as a subscription journal by Springer in French. The journal will now be open access and published in English. In keeping with its French past the journal will also publish the abstracts of articles in the French language, just as many other BioMed Central journals that support multilingual abstracts.

Andrology is the field of medicine that covers male health, specifically for problems relating to the male reproductive system. Basic and Clinical Andrology will cover all aspects of male reproductive and sexual health in both human and animal models. The journal aims to bring to light various clinical advancements and research developments in andrology from the international community.

As with the journal’s previous incarnation, Basic and Clinical Andrology will be affiliated with Société d’Andrologie de Langue Française (SALF), the French-speaking Society of Andrology. SALF hopes to extend its reach internationally by publishing under the open access model and in English. Members of SALF will benefit from a discount on the Article-Processing Charge. Please see the society panel on the journal homepage for more details.

The journal is led by Editor-in-Chief Roger Mieusset who is supported by an internationally renowned Editorial Board. In his launch editorial Roger Mieusset discusses the importance of access to research in the field of andrology: “Access to knowledge in andrology is not only required by those who work in scientific and medical research but also to clinicians and biologists working with patients who may not necessarily be based in large institutions with access to subscription journals.”

The journal launches with the publication of four articles. A research article from Eric Huyghe et al. examines erectile function in men following treatment with brachytherapy for localized prostate cancer. A review article by Florence Boitrelle et al. sheds light on subject of whether sperm head vacuoles are nuclear, acrosomal and/or membrane-related in nature. Both articles highlight the journal’s coverage of clinical and basic topics.

This snapshot of articles is a taste of what is to come. To stay up-to-date with Basic and Clinical Andrology why not sign up for article alerts. For more information, please visit the journal website or contact the Journal Editorial Office.

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