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European Journal of Medical Research has now fully launched

                                                                                                          Yesterday, European Journal of Medical Research published its first open access articles with BioMed Central having transferred from I. Holzapfel Verlag, where it began as a subscription journal in 1995.  Edited by Professor Deiter Häussinger of Düsseldorf University, European Journal of Medical Research publishes articles of international interest from all areas of medical research,… Read more »


Invitation to submit to Cancer Bioinformatics thematic series

“Cancer Bioinformatics: Bioinformatic Methods, Network Biomarkers and Precision Medicine” is a special thematic series to be published across BMC Bioinformatics, BMC Cancer, Genome Medicine and Journal of Clinical Bioinformatics (JCBi). Cancer remains one of the leading causes of death across the globe. Most cancer treatments work for only a subset of patients and there is… Read more »

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DIM: hope for ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer affecting women in the UK, and 6,500 women are diagnosed every year. Cisplatin is commonly used to treat ovarian cancer, but it is associated with side effects in some people, and some types of this cancer are resistant to cisplatin treatment. There is thus a pressing need… Read more »


Global lipid profiling provides clues to schizophrenia pathogenesis

Recent research published in Genome Medicine presents a comprehensive, global view of lipid abnormalities associated with schizophrenia, providing new pathophysiological insights into the disorder. Following on from their earlier work published in Genome Medicine, which reported metabolites that differentiate schizophrenia from related disorders, Matej Orešič and colleagues from the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland… Read more »


Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine appoints Associate Editors to assist with peer-review process

“Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine‘s immediate goal is to provide scientists and physicians with responsible and balanced information in order to improve experimental designs and clinical decisions”, comments Prof Bjorn Olsen, Editor-in-Chief of this journal. The importance and usefulness of negative results is something that is arguably overlooked in the scientific arena; they are often… Read more »

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Therapy for Alzheimer's disease may cause side effects

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) affects an increasing number of people and research continues to develop new treatments, many of which are currently undergoing clinical trials.  However, new research suggests that one such treatment using drugs to inhibit BACE1 may cause unwanted side effects. Robert Vassar, lead author of the study recently published in Molecular Neurodegeneration,  says… Read more »


Emergency medicine specialists convene in London

This week, BMC Medicine attended the 4th Annual Emergency Medicine conference in London, where key themes and hot topics in the field of emergency medicine were  discussed. The  meeting was attended by around 70  delegates, including consultants in emergency and acute medicine, paramedics, and specialists in trauma and orthopedics. The presentations were thematically diverse  and … Read more »


New database for surgical trials

“Randomised control trials (RCTs) have played a role in the assessment of surgical innovations and there is scope and need for greater use”. While common in other areas of medical research, RCTs are often under used in evaluating surgical interventions due to the practical and methodological issues they present researchers. By far one of the… Read more »

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The December issue of Genome Medicine: personalized medicine for cancer patients, DTC testing, zebrafish and more

The December issue of Genome Medicine highlights the growing potential of genomics research for the development of personalized medicine, particularly for improving the effectiveness of anticancer therapeutics. In a Research article, Matthias Schwab and colleagues demonstrate for the first time that decreased expression of an organic cation transporter SLC22A1 in hepatocellular carcinoma (liver cancer) correlates… Read more »