Monthly Archives: June 2011

Optimizing patient participation in genetic research

Genetic and medical research projects often rely on the donation of blood or tissue samples from human subjects. Optimum recruitment of willing participants is thereby a key consideration in research. In a recent study published in Genome Medicine, David Lanfear and colleagues show that the site of enrollment can influence rates of patient participation in… Read more »


IJPE now publishing with BioMed Central

International Journal of Pediatric Endocrinology (IJPE) has today begun publishing articles with BioMed Central. The journal is the fifth journal this year to move to our publishing platform after having previously been hosted elsewhere. In the case of IJPE, the journal’s previous content is currently available in its entirety on Hindawi’s site and can be… Read more »


Genetic defects linked to Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia in the developed world. Recent progress has resulted in a flurry of papers identifying new genes linked to this disease and Genome Medicine is pleased to have published one of these key papers. Despite continued investigation, the causes of Alzheimer’s disease are not yet fully understood… Read more »


Read the lay summary of a clinical trial

One key aspect to the success of the UK Clinical Trials Gateway (UKCTG) launched in March 2011 is the presentation of trial information in a format that can be easily understood by the general public, in the shape of a “lay summary”. This is part of the UK Government’s commitmentin the NHS Constitution to ensure… Read more »


Aiding recovery from critical illness

Guest blog from Christina Jones, winner of the Medicine Award at the BioMed Central 5th Annual Research Awards for her article ‘Intensive care diaries reduce new onset post traumatic stress disorder following critical illness: a randomised, controlled trial’ Here, Christina talks about how she became interested in critical illness recovery and how her research has… Read more »


Clinical Proteomics launches with BioMed Central

BioMed Central has launched Clinical Proteomics this week, with Dr Daniel Chan as Editor-in-Chief. Previously published by Springer, the journal has joined BioMed Central’s portfolio of open-access titles. Dr Chan writes in his launch editorial that ‘targeted proteomic diagnostics and therapeutics will be the basis of personalized molecular medicine’, and as such the journal will… Read more »


Splicing and survival – linked in colorectal cancer?

New research by Rolf I. Skotheim and colleagues, recently published in Genome Medicine, provides evidence for the occurrence of aberrant splicing events in colorectal cancer. Skotheim and colleagues, from Oslo University Hospital, describe transcriptome instability as a characteristic of colorectal tumors that is associated with splicing factor expression and, interestingly, poor patient survival. Colorectal cancer… Read more »