Genome Medicine’s 250th article: Stuart Orkin launches the stem cell series


The latest editorial in Genome Medicine, written by Guest Editor Stuart Orkin (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute), is the 250th article published in the journal since its launch in 2009. This editorial, published in the June issue, sets the scene for a new thematic series of articles on stem cell genomics. The series aims to highlight key advances in basic and translational research in this evolving field with specially commissioned review and comment articles.

Stuart Orkin introduces the series by discussing recent developments in stem cell genomics and cellular reprogramming, predicting what new insights and therapeutic strategies might emerge in the future.  

Kicking off the series, Joanna Wysocka (Stanford University) reviews technological advances that have enabled epigenomic profiling of human pluripotent stem cells, and discusses how the findings could improve our understanding of complex diseases. Mary Majumder (Baylor College of Medicine) muses on the converging themes and areas of concern in shaping policies for research in the stem cell and genomics fields. Genome Medicine’s June issue also features a Research Highlight by George Daley (Children’s Hospital Boston) on the topic of microRNA-based cellular reprogramming. Soon to follow is a Review by Lawrence Goldstein (University of California, San Diego) on the ability of induced pluripotent stem cells to model Alzheimer’s disease and another by Gordon Weir (Harvard Stem Cell Institute) on stem cell approaches for understanding and treating diabetes. William Lensch, who is also affiliated with Harvard Stem Cell Institute, reflects on public perceptions and engagement in stem cell genomics research in an upcoming Musings. All series articles are freely available online.

The series is also featured on a special webpage as part of a cross-journal “Focus on stem cells” alongside related commissioned content from two of our sister journals, BMC Medicine and BMC Biology. The initial contributions to the thematic series have been brought together in a special print collection, which is available at the BioMed Central Booth #908 at the ISSCR  meeting happening next week in Toronto – do pick up a copy if you are attending the meeting.

Genome Medicine is now accepting submissions of Research manuscripts offering original translational and clinical insights gained from genome-scale analyses of stem cells, which will be published as part of this ongoing series. Please contact the editors for further details or to submit a presubmission enquiry.

We hope that these articles and future additions to the series will continue to fuel interest in stem cell genomics research and illustrate its importance for translational research and personalized medicine. 


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