Clinical Proteomics launches with BioMed Central

BioMed Central has launched Clinical Proteomics this week, with Dr Daniel Chan as Editor-in-Chief. Previously published by Springer, the journal has joined BioMed Central’s portfolio of open-access titles.

Dr Chan writes in his launch editorial that ‘targeted proteomic diagnostics and therapeutics will be the basis of personalized molecular medicine’, and as such the journal will cover a wide range of topics within the clinical proteomics field, including translational proteomics, and will place special emphasis on the applications of proteomics technology to clinical investigations.

Clinical Proteomics launches with a number of interesting articles, including an article from Mehrani et al. that identifies protein expression signatures for lung damage from the warfare agent Sulfur Mustard. Rukmangadachar et al. have also identified potential protein biomarkers, for the parasitic infection Visceral leishmaniasis; an endemic, and often fatal disease prevalent in the developing world.

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