Journal of Clinical Bioinformatics – a new, emerging journal

Journal of Clinical Bioinformatics (JCBi) is a new, open-access journal that has now published its first articles, and is the latest addition to BioMed Central’s bioinformatics and genomics portfolio. JCBi publishes novel research on all aspects of the development of bioinformatics approaches specifically related to clinical and translational medicine. Editors-in-Chief, Prof Xiangdong Wang from Fudan University and Prof Lance Liotta from George Mason University, reflect in their launch editorial on the importance of the clinical application of bioinformatics for the development of personalized healthcare, medication and therapies in this emerging subject.

The Editors-in-Chief also welcome you to join the affiliated and newly established International Society of Translational Medicine (ISTM), which will be working in partnership with JCBi to develop the interdisciplinary research in omics science and translational medicine.   
Also published is an article by Gronostajski et al., which describes their database for annotating specific regions of genes regulated by the Nuclear Factor I transcription factor family. Baumgartner et al. review the significance of biomarkers in the diagnostics and treatment of disease, and more broadly the role clinical bioinformatics has played in advancing our knowledge of the mechanisms involved in human diseases.

JCBi is coordinating its first thematic series on Pulmonary Bioinformatics which aims to investigate the mechanisms and biomarkers of pulmonary diseases, and potential therapies. For further information and to submit a manuscript, please visit the JCBi website or view the instructions for authors.

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