Ten free review articles published in Critical Care

The latest issue of Critical Care features 10 free review articles co-published as part
of a joint effort with the Springer Yearbook of Intensive Care and Emergency
The articles were selected by
Editor-in-Chief Prof Jean-Louis Vincent, Belgium, for their relevance to health
care professionals and researchers working in the area of intensive care
medicine. Contributions include a paper by Julia Wendon and colleagues, King’s
College Hospital, UK, on renal dysfunction in liver disease; the prevention of infections
caused by catheters written by Olivier Mimoz’s group, Centre Hospitalier
Universitaire, France, and venous oxygen as a physiological transfusion trigger
by Editorial Board member Benoit Vallet et
, University Hospital of Lille, France.

The Yearbook compiles the most recent
developments in experimental and clinical research and practice in one
comprehensive reference book.  
co-publishing these selected articles, we hope to bring this resource to a
wider audience of intensivists. Review articles published in Critical Care normally require a
subscription to read. In order to access our reviews, commentaries and other
commissioned content, non-subscribers to can register for a free 30-day trial.

Surayya Johar
In-house Editor, Critical Care

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