Stem Cell Research & Therapy – advancing the pathway to the clinic


The publication of the first articles in Stem Cell Research & Therapy today marks the launch of a major forum for translational research into stem cell therapies.

Stem cell research has progressed to the clinic and has enormous potential for treating  incurable diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease, and potential for alleviating suffering in chronic conditions such as diabetes and osteoarthritis.

This new journal is edited by Profs Rocky Tuan (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine) and Timothy O’Brien (National University of Ireland, Galway), who welcome contributions in their lead editorial.

The journal provides an important avenue of publication in translational aspects of stem cell therapy spanning preclinical studies, clinical research and commercialization. The critical pathway to the clinic is complex and advancing towards commercialization for stem cell therapies is challenging. The journal will focus on cutting edge research which contributes to this process. I look forward to working with Rocky Tuan and other editorial board members to ensure the journal meets the needs of the stem cell research community with an emphasis on translation,” said Prof O’Brien.

President Barack Obama last year removed barriers to responsible stem cell research in the USA and this executive order could become law, but national legislation on stem cells varies. By providing open access to rigorous research Stem Cell Research & Therapy will help the international science community rapidly disseminate new ideas.

One of the journal’s first research articles identifies a potential new source of mesenchymal stem cells for autoimmune dieases such as systemic lupus erythematosus. Reviews, commentaries and reports will accompany research articles; in this issue Djuric and Ellis highlight advancements in the understanding of dynamic epigenetic changes occurring in the cell reprogramming process.

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paulette britton

I can’t find a valid animal model of stem cell therapy for autism. Do models exist from an immunotherapy
standpoint? Many families with autistic children have their child’s umbilical cord stem cells and others are willing to do bone marrow stem cell transplants but because ICMS guidelines require a valid animal model before starting experimental human work, we are at a standstill. ANY help, advice, direction on this issue is much appreciated.

ts ch'ang

Congratulations – it is so very timely to have a regular and dedicated linkage from research to the clinic and the inquiring patients. I would put in a plea for a review paper on ‘a cost-effective way to deliver stem cell therapy’ e.g. surgery transplants vs oral capsules (stimulating release of autologous adult stemcells) – discussing the pluses and minuses between these two alternative routes drom the patient’s perspective.

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