The right to adequate pain treatment-new debate in BMC Medicine


In the developed world, we generally tend to take pain treatment and management for granted; if we’re in physical pain, someone will provide treatment to do something about it.  It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that this is not neccessarily true across the globe.  In a new debate published in BMC Medicine, Lohman and colleagues, from Human Rights Watch examine the issues related to access to adequate pain treatment, and why barriers to pain treatment can be tantamount to a violation of human rights.
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One Comment

herbert m. lonstein

“barriers to pain treatment can be tantamount to a violation of human rights”

Without controls, access to prescription pain medications will create a bigger nightmare and a larger violation of human rights.

The unfettered use of habit forming pharmocological substances is always a mistake. Better to educate victims of pain about realistic pain control outcomes and measures, than create mass addiction in the third world. Just to spur profits for big pharma

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