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Why are women predisposed to autoimmune rheumatic diseases?

In the current issue of Arthritis Research & Therapy, Jacqueline Oliver and Alan Silman explore the various factors that influence susceptibility to the major autoimmune connective tissue disorders, in search for an explanation for the high female-to-male predisposition ratio. Autoimmune diseases of all organ sites and systems affect approximately 8% of the population, around 78%… Read more »


Speedy diagnosis for mitochondrial disorders

A team led by Sihoun Hahn and Jay Shendure from Seattle Children’s Research Institute and the University of Washington present a molecular diagnostic tool for mitochondrial disease in their article titled “Next generation sequence analysis for mitochondrial disorders”, recently published in Genome Medicine. This is the 100th article published in Genome Medicine, BioMed Central’s premier… Read more »


Arthritis Research & Therapy's 10th anniversary issue published in full

This month Arthritis Research & Therapy (AR&T) published the final installment of its 10th anniversary issue, ‘The Scientific Basis of Rheumatology: A Decade of Progress‘ – a comprehensive, up-to-date and freely available rheumatology reference work spanning more than 400 pages. This special, four-part collection of 38 review articles – commissioned to celebrate AR&T’s 10 years… Read more »


Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy publishes first research article

Persistence pays off, at least that is the message from Rountree et al. in the first research article published in Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy.  This article, ‘Persistent treatment with cholinesterase inhibitors and/or memantine slows clinical progression of Alzheimer’s disease (AD)’ reports their findings that persistent treatment had a positive impact on Alzheimer’s disease (AD) progression… Read more »


A new home for experimental stroke research

Today has seen the launch of Experimental & Translational Stroke Medicine, a journal dedicated to the gathering and dissemination of new knowledge in the field of experimental stroke research, with the aim of improving the quality of stroke research and facilitating the successful translation of novel treatment strategies into clinical practice. Amongst the first articles… Read more »

Developing World Medicine

Women in clinical trials: A new commentary in BMC Medicine

In BMC Medicine this month, Jesse Berlin and Susan Ellenberg comment on the concerns, controversy and confounding issues surrounding the exclusion of women from clinical trials. Traditionally, theoretical fears about gender differences in treatment effects and legitimate concerns of exposing fetuses to investigational drugs have surrounded the idea of involving women in clinical trials. Berlin… Read more »


Chinese Medicine invites submissions for two thematic series

Chinese Medicine is currently inviting research submissions to two forthcoming thematic article series: Ginseng and Notoginseng edited by Ricky NS Wong (Hong Kong Baptist University) and Karl WK Tsim (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) The Semantic Web for Chinese Medicine edited by Kei Cheung (Yale University) and Huajun Chen (Zhejiang University) Authors are… Read more »


Journal of Medical Case Reports and Cases Journal return to BioMed Central

BioMed Central is once again publishing the Journal of Medical Case Reports (JMCR) and Cases Journal. Since their inception both these journals, which currently provide over 2000 freely accessible case reports, have received widespread recognition and high quality submissions from across the medical community.  Through their innovative approach, both these journals make each individual patient’s… Read more »


BioMed Central at NCRI 2009 and Sage bionetworks

Several members of the BioMed Central Editorial team had the pleasure of attending the annual conference held by the National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) in Birminham UK, October 4-7th, 2009, and of meeting up with several Editorial Board members while there.  The conference and the concurrent workshop about Sage bionetworks were stimulating events, and the… Read more »