BMC Medical Genomics publishes over 100 articles

BMC Medical Genomics Since launching in January last year,
BMC Medical Genomics has published over 100 articles. The latest original research paper, on growth
factor signalling in drug-insensitive breast cancers has recently been press-released. This is a fantastic start for a new
publication, and in just over a year the journal has published a diverse range of
research covering our wide scope.

Recent research highlights include
exciting work by Hai Yan’s group at Duke University and the Vogelstein, Kinzler and Velculescu labs at Johns
Medical Institutions using Digital Karyotyping Microbe Identification to determine the presence of microbial DNA in human tumor samples, and the discovery by Olli
group in Turku University of a putative breast cancer tumor-suppressor by a novel combination of array-CGH with non-sense mediated mRNA decay and gene expression data. As well
as original research, the journal has also published commentaries and reviews,
the latest by Edward Ramos and Charles Rotimi on the positive contribution
that medical genomics can have on improving the health of minority groups.
Douglas Kell’s overarching systems medicine review of the otherwise highly disparate literature linking inappropriate iron chelation and human disease published at
the start of the year is already our most highly-accessed article, with over
5000 accesses in just 5 months.

BMC Medical Genomics, along with BMC Systems Biology, was one of the first journals in the BMC-series to embrace the involvement of Associate Editors in the peer
review process. We would like to thank all of our Associate Editors as well as members of our Advisory Board for their help and support since the launch of the journal. Submit your next paper to BMC Medical Genomics to take part in the future success of the journal!

Scott Edmunds PhD
In-house Editor, BMC Medical Genomics

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