First articles published in Thyroid Research


Thyroidology is one of the fastest growing fields
in endocrinology. With the launch of Thyroid Research on 29
September, Editors-in-Chief Andrzej Lewiński, Josef Köhrle, Maria Alevizaki and Barbara Jarząb aim to provide a
forum for the latest research in thyroidology and associated fields. Utilizing
BioMed Central’s open access publishing platform, Thyroid Research
provides their authors with high visibility, wide accessibility and full

first articles published in Thyroid Research reflect the wide range of thyroidology topics
the journal encompasses
. Dr Giusti and colleagues look into the metabolic and
cardiovascular risk for patients receiving TSH-suppressive treatment for
differentiated thyroid cancer
, while the article by Dr
Saltiki et. al. focuses on the association of
thyroid function and arterial pressure in individuals with normal thyroid

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