Too hot to handle – the effect of temperature on mortality

An article published this week in Environmental Health provides a
current review of the epidemiological literature on the effect of temperature
on mortality. 

Epidemiological studies of temperature and heat-related
mortality have been receiving increased attention recently. Identifying risk
factors and potentially susceptible populations are becoming increasingly
important for public health interventions as temperatures are predicted to rise
worldwide due to climate change.

Previous reviews on temperature and heat-related mortality
have focused on methodology and climatology, largely ignoring epidemiological
studies on this topic. The review by Dr Rupa Basu provides a timely overview of
epidemiology studies examining the effect of temperature on mortality.

High ambient temperature and mortality: a review of epidemiologic studies from
2001 to 2008

Rupa Basu
Environmental Health 2009, 8:40 (16 September 2009)

In her review, Dr Basu includes two sections on the most
relevant new topics in the area, the confounding effects of air pollution on
heat-related mortality and the identification of subgroups particularly
vulnerable to the effects of heat. These aspects of temperature and mortality
will be important areas for future research in the field.

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