BMC Cancer celebrates 1000th article milestone

BMC CancerBMC Cancer announces a major achievement –
the publication of its 1,000
th article. BMC Cancer is the second medical journal in the BMCseries to achieve this milestone in 2008, after BMC Public Health, and follows in the footsteps of BMC Bioinformatics and BMC Genomics, which surpassed one thousand
publications in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

The 1,000th
Importance of
response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in potentially curable colorectal cancer
liver metastases’
by Birgit Gruenberger and colleagues from the Medical
University Vienna reports that oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy can reduce the
risk of recurrence after liver resection in patients treated for liver
metastases arising from colorectal cancer. The article has already been
accessed over 900 times.

BMC Cancer is grateful to Dr Gruenberger
and her colleagues for their valued contributions: this is Dr Gruenberger’s
second publication in the journal, and she has served as an ad hoc reviewer.

The editors of BMC Cancer would like to take this opportunity to thank all the authors and
reviewers who have contributed to the journal’s growth since it was launched in
2001. Special thanks go to those authors who have shown their confidence in our
open access model and our rigorous peer review process by continuing to submit regular
contributions to the journal.

Particular credit in the journal’s
trajectory is due to our international Editorial
, which has provided continuous support and editorial advice during
the last few years. Our Editorial Board members have invested their time and
interest in order to ensure that
BMC Cancer continues to
attract the attention of both basic science researchers and clinical oncologists.

BMC Cancer has just received its 2007
impact factor from Thomson Scientific (ISI), a very
respectable 2.71, up from the 2.36
rate earned last year.

This improving impact factor reflects the
journal’s increasing standing in the field of cancer research and
BMC Cancer’s commitment to provide high visibility for its authors’ work. The top ten most viewed articles have received
over 100,000 accesses, while the top ten articles published in the journal in the last 30 days have been cited
almost 5,000 times.

offers an attractive venue for the
dissemination of all types of cancer research. The journal considers articles
covering cell or molecular biology studies, genetic research, pathophysiology,
epidemiological and clinical reports as well as clinical trials related to cancer
or patients suffering from this condition.

We invite you to consider BMC Cancer for the publication of your next research article; you can submit
your work
easily and quickly online
via the journal website.

If you have any questions about BMC Cancer or if you would like to
be involved in the journal
, as
an author, reviewer, or Associate Editor, please do
get in touch.

Iratxe Puebla

In-house Editor BMC Cancer

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