Introducing the Health and Applied Sciences publishing group

The Health and Applied Sciences group of journals covers research  in the field of health promotion, health services provision and harm prevention. This includes public health, global health, nutrition and health services research. It is a complex area, encompassing the fields of health and medicine, but also psychology, economics and politics.

It is also one of the fastest growing areas of research. Dramatic shifts in health policy and economics are occurring across the world, from the Affordable Care Act in the US to the introduction of personal care budgets in the UK. The rise of eHealth, debates over personal responsibility in obesity, and even the effects of compassion on health are all covered by this broad banner.

In a series of blog posts we will be exploring different areas of health and applied sciences research through the lens of an open-access publisher.

The goal of health promotion affects everyone from the policy maker trying to reduce childhood obesity, the community worker promoting family planning in an AIDS-stricken village, or the patient benefiting from a joined-up health service. Achieving the goal of a healthy world requires adaptive thinking, global planning and a willingness to share ideas.

Open access to research is vital to this and ensures everyone contributes on an even footing. The research we publish should not be the preserve of a researcher at a wealthy institution, but available to all who need it. For example, we recently launched the Journal of Eating Disorders, which is as important a journal for worried parents as it is for policy makers and health psychologists.

We want this to be an open discussion on health research and open access, so if you want to contribute please post in the comments, follow us on Twitter or visit our gateway. We hope you enjoy the series.

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