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False colour E. coli

Sigma factor networking and bacterial versatility

Kester Jarvis
Senior Editor at BioMed Central
Kester is an in-house editor for BMC Biology with interests in genetics, ecology and evolutionary biology. His background is in yeast molecular biology.

In the bacterial RNA polymerase transcription complex, the sigma factors play the role of guide, specifying where in the genome the complex binds –… Read more »

Thematic series on Systems biotechnology and metabolic engineering

Helen Whitaker
Journal Development Manager at BioMed Central
Helen is part of the Biological Sciences publishing team at BioMed Central. She obtained her PhD in molecular ecology from the University of Glasgow, UK. Her post-doctoral studies in aquaculture genetics took her from Scotland to South Africa, before joining BMC in 2008.

Microbial Cell Factories invites submissions to a special thematic series on Systems biotechnology and metabolic engineering,  edited by Sang Yup… Read more »