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The gut-brain axis: what’s the relationship between our bowels and our brains?

Jennifer Franklin

What is the nature of the relationship between the brain and the gut? This is a question that has fascinated scientists and clinicians for decades,… Read more »

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New thematic series in Gut Pathogens: Probiotics and Metagenomics of gut pathogens

On Biology

Gut Pathogens is delighted to introduce two new thematic series, highlighting articles published in the journal on the topics of… Read more »

Gut Pathogens calling for your Genome Announcements

On Biology
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Matthew Landau

Senior Journal Development Editor at BioMed Central
Matt looks after a portfolio of animal and plant science journals. Before joining BioMed Central in 2011, he worked at an NHS Primary Care Trust and as a freelance researcher for Katachi Magazine.
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Gut Pathogens is now accepting submissions of Genome Announcements – articles giving a brief and concise account of a complete… Read more »