Proceedings from the 39th Indian Society of Human Genetics conference

The proceedings from the International Conference on Human Genetics and 39th Annual Meeting of the Indian Society of Human Genetics have been published as a supplement in Molecular Cytogenetics. The meeting took place on the 22-25 January, 2014, in Ahmedabad, India.

Former President of India, Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, inaugurated the conference, and can be seen handing the journal supplement to the Molecular Cytogenetics Co-Editor-in-Chief Thomas Liehr (Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany).

From left: Prof. Jayesh Sheth (head of FRIGE’s Institute and organizer of this annual meeting); Hon’ble Former President of India Dr A P J Abdul Kalam; Mr. Akshay Saxena (Mission director, Gujarat State Biotech Mission); Prof. Alok Dhawan (Director of the Institute of Life Science Ahmedabad, India); Dr Thomas Liehr (Molecular Cytogenetics Editor-in-Chief). Photo courtesy of KZM SUN PHOTO, India.

The organising committee arranged the conference program to provide an equal balance of clinical and basic research-oriented presentations. The program covered a variety of the major areas of human genetics, including sessions on epigenomics, cytogenetics and molecular cytogenetics, next-generation sequencing, complex trait and polygenic disorders, and many sessions on specialist areas of medical genetics. The supplement includes abstracts from all invited talks, oral presentations and the majority of poster presentations.

Specific talks include e.g. those by Richard Cotton (University of Melbourne, Australia) providing an overview of the Human Variome Project; Peter Hammond (UCL, United Kingdom) on 3D facial phenotyping for clinical geneticists to identify facial dysmorphism; and Anita Rauch (University of Zürich, Switzerland; Editorial Board member of Molecular Cytogenetics) discussing exome sequencing in unspecific intellectual disability and rare disorders.

Molecular Cytogenetics encompasses all aspects of chromosome biology and the application of molecular cytogenetic techniques in all areas of biology and medicine, including structural and functional organization of the chromosome and nucleus, genome variation, expression and evolution, chromosome abnormalities and genomic variations in medical genetics and tumor genetics.

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