Expert insights into epigenetic interactions and processes

To mark the BioMed Central conference Epigenetics & Chromatin: Interactions and processes that took place in Boston earlier this year, the open access journal Epigenetics & Chromatin has published a series of review articles that focus on addressing some of the biggest questions in epigenetics today.


The final review of the series, by Anton Wutz (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), has been published today, discussing how haploid genomes illustrate epigenetic constraints and gene dosage effects in mammals. In this review the authors, who have significantly advanced our understanding of haploidy in mammals, provide an insightful summary of systems available to study haploid genomes.


Other reviews in the series include a description of the role of the ‘5th DNA base’ 5hmC in development and cancer by Gerd Pfeifer (Beckman Research Institute, USA), proteomic characterization of novel histone post-translational modifications by Benjamin Garcia (University of Pennsylvania, USA) and Jessica Tyler (MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA) discusses how epigenetic information is maintained through DNA replication.


You can read the full series on the website, where you can also sign up for article alerts to keep up to date with the latest development in the field. For more information on Epigenetics & Chromatin, or to submit a manuscript, please visit the journal website or contact the Editorial Office.

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