Cerebellum & Ataxias is now open for submissions!

There is a major interest in the role of the cerebellum in behavioural and cognitive tasks, and the field of cerebellar ataxias is now evolving as a clinical discipline internationally.

As an exciting development in keeping with the direction of the field  Cerebellum & Ataxias, a new open access journal from BioMed Central, is now accepting submissions.

Led by Editor-in-Chief Mario Manto, FNRS, Belgium, the journal hopes to mirror the success of its older, sister journal The Cerebellum, and complement its focus on the fundamental neurosciences of the cerebellum in providing a platform for more clinical cases and scientific reports of the numerous forms of ataxias.

Cerebellum & Ataxias welcomes both research and clinical descriptions of novel findings relevant to daily practice, from psychological, radiological, neurological and neurosurgical perspectives. In addition to research articles, clinical series and case reports, the journal publishes scientific correspondence, commentaries and teaching neuroimages. We also consider articles highlighting advances of important impact in the field of ataxiology.

You can submit your manuscript via the online submission system and for more information about Cerebellum & Ataxias please visit the journal website, contact the Editorial Office directly, or register for email updates to keep up to date with the latest journal news.

Follow @TheCerebellum for the latest developments and content from The Cerebellum, and its new sister journal Cerebellum & Ataxias.

Liz Bal

Associate Publisher at BioMed Central
Liz completed an MSci in Biology at Imperial College London, before joining BioMed Central in 2010. Now, as an Associate Publisher in the Biological Sciences team, she is responsible for the development of a portfolio of neuroscience, biotechnology and cell biology journals.
Liz Bal

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