New book — HIV interaction with dendritic cells

Li Wu wrote the following for me to post on the Retrovirology Blog:

Because of rapid research progress and advances in the techniques in studying HIV interactions with host cells and factors, there is a critical need for a book on HIV interactions with dendritic cells. Two editorial broad members of Retrovirology, Dr. Li Wu (The Ohio State University, USA) and Dr. Olivier Schwartz (Institut Pasteur, France), have edited a new book entitled HIV Interactions with Dendritic Cells Infection and Immunity.

The book has been published by Springer (New York) in September 2012, which Systematically addresses HIV interactions with dendritic cells with emphasis on HIV infection and immunity; Features state-of-the-art research on HIV interactions with dendritic cells using virological and immunological approaches; Provides future directions for the specific research topic in each chapter.

For those who are interested in this new volume, please see details at:

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