Human Genomics now published by BioMed Central

has published its first open access articles with BioMed
Central. Already a leading peer-reviewed journal for geneticists engaged
in biomedical and life science research analysing human genome data, the
greater visibility afforded by open access will help to evolve and further
establish the journal within the genomics field.  The journal, which has
been in existence since 2003 with the previous publisher Henry Stewart
Publications, has Editor-in-Chief Vasilis Vasiliou at its helm.  

articles include a review from Parr et al.
discussing the potential role of mitochondrial genomic-based technologies in
healthcare management and the development of new drugs. In addition, a research
article from Levran
et al.
highlights the importance of ancestry informative markers in
defining ancestry, particularly in admixed populations.  

first articles demonstrate the journal’s aim of providing an interface between
the pharmaceutical industry and academic research, focusing on the application
of genomic analysis in all aspects of human diseases and the interaction
between patients and the drugs used to treat diseases

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