Molecular Cytogenetics welcomes new co-Editor-in-Chief

We are pleased to welcome on board
Dr Henry Heng as co-Editor-in-Chief for Molecular Cytogenetics.

Dr Heng is an Associate Professor
at the Wayne State University School of Medicine in Michigan and his research is
currently focused on the genome theory of cancer and organismal evolution. He
joins Thomas Liehr, Institute of Human
Genetics, Germany, and Yuri Yurov, National
Research Center of Mental Health, Russia, in leading the journal.

would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dr Lisa Shaffer, Signature
Genomic Laboratories, who is stepping down as co-Editor-in-Chief. Lisa has made
a lasting contribution to the journal since its inception and we are pleased to
have her continued support as a member of the Editorial Board.

Molecular Cytogenetics was launched in 2008 as a new home for research
focused on all aspects of chromosome biology and applications of molecular
cytogenetic techniques across all areas of biomedicine.

The application
of molecular cytogenetic techniques has come to encompass almost everything
from basic studies in areas such as cellular and structural biology to applied
research in clinical and cancer genetics. Thus, Molecular Cytogenetics is not limited to technical issues and
continues to address advances in biomedical research. For example, a recent study in
Molecular Cytogenetics (receiving
over 3000 accesses
to date) has demonstrated that selectively
implanting euploid embryos, with a normal number of chromosomes, significantly
increases pregnancy rates
and could dramatically improve the effectiveness of IVF treatment.

This is an exciting time for Molecular Cytogenetics and we welcome
Henry in his new role.

Liz Bal

Associate Publisher at BioMed Central
Liz completed an MSci in Biology at Imperial College London, before joining BioMed Central in 2010. Now, as an Associate Publisher in the Biological Sciences team, she is responsible for the development of a portfolio of neuroscience, biotechnology and cell biology journals.
Liz Bal

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