BioPsychoSocial Medicine announce Ikemi Award winner

Every year, BioPsychoSocial Medicine and the Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine present the Ikemi Award in recognition of outstanding research in the field of psychosomatic medicine.

This year, at the 51st Annual meeting of the Japanese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine, the Ikemi Award was presented to Takehiro Nozaki, M.D., Ph.D. (Kyushu University) for his work on the relation between psychosocial variables and type 2 diabetes

The Ikemi award was first introduced in 2002 and is named after the late Dr. Yujiro Ikemi, the first professor of the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine of Kyushu University and leading scientist in the field.

Srimathy Sriskantharajah

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