Seven new Retrovirology editorial board members

Periodically, Retrovirology rotates a portion of its editorial board.  We are delighted to welcome the following 7 new members to our board.  They are Klaus Uberla (Germany), Juan Martin-Serrano (UK), Peter Cherepanov (UK), Carlos Brites (Brazil), Rob Gorelick (US), Shibo Jiang (US), and Rosemary Kiernan (France). 

We wish to thank the wonderful services of the following departing editoral board members:  Nafees Ahmad (US), David Brighty (UK), Warner Greene (US), Finn Skou Pedersen (Denmark), Roger Pomerantz (US), Leonid Margolis (US); and once again, we acknowldege the untimely passing of our board member David Derse (US).

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