All jumbled up – Bugbitten themed anagrams

Dear Readers, Welcome to BugBitten in 2023. We thought we would start the year with a parasitologically-themed anagram puzzle. All words were used in one of our blogs of 2022. Enjoy with your end-of-the-week cup of coffee/ tea or other beverage of choice.

Let us know how you get on with this anagram puzzle on Twitter via @BugBittentweets


Aries apt
AS moxa plot
aralia clip
insult reviews [three words]
acute disposable [two words]
oozier spot
AI cages shades [two words]
Carissa par
cleans happiest Jeanie
resin siesta yip [two words]
cosmos isis Thais
edge UN


Answers will be posted on @BugBittentweets after18th January 2023

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