Monthly Archives: April 2018

Attention to metabolic energy disturbance is needed to treat relapse of heroin


Drug dependence is a major public health crisis. The main goal of treating substance dependence is to prevent relapse. In clinical practice, the risk of relapse remains high even after completion of treatment and prolonged abstinence. Our study published in BMC Neuroscience aims to understand the vulnerability to relapse as it is crucial for the development of an effective treatment for drug addiction.


Systems biology study identifies acquired cancer resistance beyond mutations


Precision targeting offers hope after a life-changing cancer diagnosis. However, some cancers that initially respond to targeted chemotherapy become treatment-resistant — and this may have nothing to do with the drug itself. Hidden layers of regulation that control the activity of genes can produce drug-resistant, surviving cells. New research, published today in BMC Systems Biology helps explain how therapy-resistant cancers arise — findings with important implications for the future of cancer therapy.