Open Access Day – Taiwan

BioMed Central, Springer Asia and CONCERT (Consortium on Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan) jointly organized an open access seminar on April 26, 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan. The seminar title was Open Access – from Green Road to Gold Road,and more than 70 registered librarians and researchers attended. The seminar presentation topics were:

  • Open Access development and trends
  • Case study: The role of librarians in Open Access publishing and setting up a central fund
  • Open Access Taiwan survey results
  • What are the benefits of Open Access publishing to authors and end-users
  • Creative Commons Taiwan

We invited 3 speakers:

  • Mr. Andrew Waller, Licensing and Negotiation Librarian and Open Access Librarian of University of Calgary to share his role as both Negotiation and Open Access Librarian and the experience of setting up and managing usage of their open access fund.
  • Prof. Chang Wan-Chang, Editor-in-Chief of Journal of BioMedical Science to share his experience as the editor of the journal, and why open access is important to both authors and readers.
  • Ms. Emily Chou, Project Manager of Creative Commons Taiwan to share what Creative Commons Licenses are and why they are important in open access.

The event was very successful and attendees were interested to know more about the open access mandate and open access fund.

We also announced an Open Access Usage Contest (for BioMed Central, Chemistry Central and SpringerOpen) to increase awareness of BioMed Central in Taiwan. Please read our separate blogpost for details.

Presentations from the event:

1. Open Access Taiwan: presentation by Bev Acreman, Commercial Director, BioMed Central

2. Open Access – From Green Road To Gold Road: presentation by Andrew Waller, Licensing and Negotiation & Open Access Librarian, University of Calgary

3. Open Access Taiwan: presentation by Leo Cheung, Regional Open Access Publishing Manager, BioMed Central

4. What Are the Benefits of Open Access Publishing to Authors and End-Users?: presentation by Prof. Wen-Chang Chang, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Biomedical Science

5. 創用CC授權在台灣20130426


Pictures from the event:


Post written by: Leo Cheung, Regional Open Access Publishing Manager, BioMed Central, Springer Asia Ltd.

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