BioMed Central launches two new gateways


BioMed Central has recently launched two new gateways in the fields of Endocrinology

and Gastroenterology,
providing a useful resource to researchers in these disciplines where
up-to-the minute information including relevant research, recent news
and research highlights can easily be accessed.

Each gateway features an item about a renowned author in the field who
has chosen to publish with us, as well as a "News from around the web"
section displaying updates on the latest advances or discoveries in the
relevant field.

Springer’s Author Mapper, which can be used to view the location of BioMed Central authors around
the globe, can also be accessed via the gateways, giving a picture of the
geographical spread of specialists in these fields.

To view these new resources or to access any of our other 19 research gateways, please visit BioMed
Central’s gateways page.

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