BioMed Central pedals for pounds – week 3



This week we caught up
with our Cycle Chile team to see how they’re getting along with their training. With 21 weeks to go, our team members are starting to come to grips with the steep hills involved in the ride. Don’t forget you can help our team raise money for the Kenyatta University Programme by contributing to their justgiving page.

What prompted you to take part
in the Cycle Chile challenge?

Helen: Partly to give up cigarettes!

Matt: I’ve never been to South America before so this seemed
like a good opportunity

Joe: I’m not sure what prompted me to be honest. I
guess I like the idea of a challenge

Ruth: I’ve been keen to do a cycling tour for a while
now and then when I saw this opportunity, I knew it was for me. I get to fulfil
my goal of cycling in a beautiful country and raise money for a good cause at
the same time.

Have you ever done anything
like this before?

A resounding ‘no!’ from all of
our participants

Ruth: I’ve done a trekking tour of Namibia where we
helped to build schools and got involved with the local safari parks but
nothing like this before.

How are you preparing for the

Helen: I’ve been running and cycling fairly regularly

Ruth: I did an organised cycle run on Sunday but managed
to get lost! I’m going to Holland soon for a cycling holiday so I can get more
practice in though I know that won’t help me with the hills!

Matt: I cycle to work every day but I’m thinking I might
need to step that up and go for longer/harder rides soon!

Joe: Last weekend I cycled over Newlands Hause and
Honister Pass in the Lake District, to get away from the forest of
traffic lights in the city and to practice the 500m ascent that we’ll have
to do a lot of in the cycling tour

Lastly, what bits of the Cycle
Chile challenge are you looking forward to (or not looking forward to)?

Ruth: I’m dreading the 500m ascents right now, I need to
practice cycling up more hills before then. But I can’t wait for the whole
experience, taking in the scenery by day and relaxing in the evening.

Helen: I worry about not having the stamina to do it but
I’m really looking forward to seeing Chile and getting fit in the process

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sebastian peña

Good luck with it!

Send me an email if you need any locals’ advice, I’m Chilean and have been around central and southern Chile for several years 🙂


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